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Reinventing a way to survive: Morris Gilbert

The actions that “Better Theater” has implemented with producer Morris Gilbert have been innovative.


We are inventing our own path in the face of a bizarre reality like that of the world today ”.

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The entertainment world is stopped by the pandemic. No company in the world has a contingency plan for a situation that has never arisen, everyone has learned along the way. The actions that “Best theater” has implemented with the producer Morris gilbert, have been innovative. Morris tells us about him new release of “Ghost” and other things:

The company “Best theater“At this moment he is in survival mode, better times will surely come. Right now the important thing is to be current and alive. The way to achieve this is to combine face-to-face theater with streaming, we are willing to do it. It is an experiment obviously. This is an unprecedented situation, we will tell you how it went because I have no idea what will happen “

Best Theater has several works in theaters (Lies, Knock Knock, Defending the Caveman and Los monologues de la vagina) and others in streaming:

I tell you we are selling tickets thank goodness. Obviously in small numbers, I am not going to tell you that we are with a few tickets, but it is decent. The lockers are moving, people are coming. And at the same time they are generating income for streaming as well ”.

The actions they have taken as a company have set current trends in the theater and several other productions have joined. According to Morris Gilbert they are inventing their own way:

When I make decisions, it is based on our reality, what is happening to us in terms of virtues and needs. I cannot leave my guild standing longer. It breaks my heart to think of all the people who have lived from the theater for so many years and who do not have an income or share in half. It is our obligation to give work to as many people as possible, it is a sacrosanct mission. It is based on that that we are doing things. What happens on Broadway, London, Buenos Aires, Paris … because each country has its circumstances. We have ours that are very particular for better or for worse, and those are the ones to react to ”.

In December “Ghost” is released (December 16) in face-to-face version, for which they did video casting and zoom rehearsals:

When the pandemic broke out, we had two options: one to stop absolutely everything, put ourselves on a dramatic pause, and sit back and wait. Which we certainly did for several months, from the third it was obvious that that was ridiculous. Any mechanism that is not used rusts. So We decided to go ahead with the setting against thick and thin by electronic means. For zoom we did our auditions, which had never happened before. And we did not stop the project for a single day, all these months we have been in charge of developing “Ghost”. It is a very large and complicated production, it was necessary to plan scenery, costumes, lighting and all the departments ”.

“Ghost” premieres in December, if the government changes to a red traffic light, the date will be modified without problem:

We are rehearsing at the Virginia Fábregas Cultural Center in the rehearsal room. They are very tall and well ventilated, all with face masks. And before the tests, we tested the entire company and they came out negative. They all come to their rehearsals and go home to sleep and come back the next day. There is no contact with the world other than with the same company. That is the pact we have with them, to avoid any risk ”.

Theatricals have very thick skin according to Morris Gilbert:

Nothing is written. Every time you think you know everything, you realize that you rather have to adapt. We theater players have very thick skin, we are highly trained to live in difficult circumstances and movement is demonstrated by walking ”.

The streaming theater generates an international exposure in this global village in which we live. The theater in Mexico is setting a precedent worldwide, art is necessary to distract us from worries and fears “.


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