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Roberto Sandoval, friend of celebrities and wanted in 194 countries

This Friday, a control judge of the Judicial Power of Nayarit issued an arrest warrant against the former governor of this entity, Roberto Sandoval, for the crimes of embezzlement and improper exercise of functions.

According to the officials consulted, Interpol has been requested to intervene to eventually search for and detain the former Nayarit president in 194 nations.

In his accelerated political ascent, Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, governor of Nayarit, contracted a taste for glamorous life: brand clothes, footwear of more than 7 thousand pesos, luxury vehicles, ranches of agricultural production, breeding of race horses, saddles of sumptuous manufacture with artistic embossed shafts, permanent vacations for his son, sudden business for his daughter, agricultural prosperity for cousins ​​and brothers.

Gone are the years when Sandoval Castañeda was just another Mexican migrant in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a street sweeper. He also left behind San Antonio, Tepic, the colony where he grew up under the support of his father, Pablo Sandoval Oruz, a tablajero from that popular neighborhood.

At the peak of his power, according to testimonies collected by El Universal among former Nayarit officials, politicians, and activists, Sandoval Castañeda also built a circle of intimate friendships, between entertainment and sports stars such as Joan Sebastian, Ezequiel Check Peña, Saúl El Canelo Álvarez, Pepe Aguilar, Poncho Lizárraga and Ricardo Montaner, among others.

But he also built a country legend and an equestrian passion, the most strident feature of which was the construction of a mausoleum for his favorite horse, Dandy, while his cousins, brothers and sons prospered in his shadow.