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The Brossard Citizens Party is ending its activities –

The members of the board of directors of the Brossard Citizens’ Party unanimously chose to cease their operations.

In a press release sent to Southern Mail on November 13, the party recalls that its raison d’être was to defend the interests of the citizens of Brossard. He maintains that with “the increase in public consultations put forward by the City, listening to citizens during advice and the transparency measures currently in force”, he no longer sees the relevance of continuing its operations.

Recall that last month, the leader of the Party, Jean-Paul Mouradian, announced that he was joining the ranks of Brossard Ensemble, thus becoming the first official candidate of the team of Mayor Doreen Assaad.

We also salute the management style of the mayoress, who has succeeded for three years in putting the interests of the citizens at the center of the decisions of the City, ”adds the president of the party, Nahed Hassan.