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The origin of Friday the 13th –

Friday, herald of the weekend, is meaningful to superstitious people. Especially on this Friday, November 13.

Why Friday the 13th? According to the Planète Québec website, this day owes its origins to the Christian religion. Christ was said to have been crucified on a Friday. The famous couple Adam and Eve would also have eaten the famous forbidden fruit on a Friday. And the number 13? During Christ’s last meal, the apostles were 13 at the table, before Judas left the group to betray his master.

If some associate this day with misfortune, others see it as luck. The former will avoid breaking a mirror, opening an umbrella in a house or even going under a ladder for fear that misfortune will befall them. The latter will set out to conquer a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe, real lucky charms.