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Why birds migrate –

“Hello Kristen. I always wondered why the birds that migrate don’t live year round in the south like this one in Brazil. Wouldn’t it be easier for them? “

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Maria Car Diaz asked this question following the broadcast of the report on the migration of Black Swallows from Châteauguay to Brazil on the newspaper’s Facebook account. The article reported on the work of Kristen Lalla, a biology student at McGill University, concerning the movements of the bird.

She answered the reader’s question. “Migration has evolved so that birds take advantage of the abundant seasonal resources of the north. In the tropics, the amount of food available to birds is relatively stable year round, so there would be too much competition to raise chicks in the south if migratory birds stayed in the south all year round ”, a- she explained.

Taking care of the little ones requires, the Black Swallows travel short distances in Châteauguay. (Image courtesy Kristen Lalla)

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The movements of the Châteauguoise swallow in Brazil, (Image courtesy of Kristen Lalla)