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Anti-COVID vaccine trial starts in CDMX

Despite the fact that the Government of Mexico City had announced that this Friday the application of phase 3 of the vaccine against COVID-19 manufactured by the Chinese company CanSino would begin, only a symbolic act was carried out and it will be from the next week when staff training for this study will begin.

“The protocol is coordinated by the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences, this Friday a symbolic act would begin and from the following week training in the centers would begin (…) because it is a protocol that follows all scientific measures and rigorous in ethical and research terms “, commented the Secretary of Health of the capital, Oliva López Arellano.

He explained that because it is a study, a small research group has to be trained in each center and from that the call, invitation and recruitment of volunteers will be carried out.

“It is not that the person arrives and is vaccinated at that time, no; there is a training process and also an invitation and pre-selection,” he said.

“This is very important for the entire population (…) it is not a massive vaccination against COVID-19, it is an investigation, it is a phase 3 study that is still an experimental phase that is being tested in the case of the protocol in the that we collaborate with 5 thousand volunteers. It starts today [viernes] in the Institute of Nutrition and from the following week the training and the pre-selection in the defined health centers “, he commented.

The selection of volunteers will depend on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, that is, people over 18 years of age will be invited, without disease problems, women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, in addition there will be another series of criteria, later it will be reported on the risks of the experimental phase and the one-year follow-up to follow, for which he considered that recruitment is not so fast.

This Friday, at the T-III Dr. David Fragoso Lizalde Health Center, in the Tlalpan mayor’s office, people signed up on lists to see if they could be candidates to participate in the clinical trial; However, the medical staff clarified that the COVID-19 vaccine tests will not be applied at that health center.