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Gas explosion in Morelos neighborhood of CDMX leaves two dead

The Secretary for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC), Myriam Urzúa, reported that so far two people have died after the explosion due to gas accumulation in a building in a neighborhood of the Morelos neighborhood.

The deaths are of an elderly man and a minor, who were found among the rubble and the entry of the expert services staff of the capital prosecutor’s office is expected.

In an interview, Myriam Urzúa said that the search continues among the rubble to confirm that there are no more people trapped.

In this sense, he said that the residents of affected buildings were evacuated, without quantifying the number of people.

The damages evaluated so far, according to the reports provided to the official, are in an adjoining property which had damage to the glassware and in another, a one-level ground floor property, which presented damage to a dividing wall; in addition to the property where the events occurred.

He explained that it will be the capital prosecutor’s office who will carry out the corresponding investigations and determine what it was that generated said accumulation of gas in the property.

When asked about one of the reports that allegedly the explosion was derived from the accumulation of gas from cooking drugs in the place, he said that he also received said preliminary report, but that the information will be developed as the minutes pass.

“Look, this is part of the investigation and this is news that is in process, obviously it will be the prosecution that will have to give the corresponding information,” he said.