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Investigation of assault on police by protesters in Quintana Roo

The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation into the aggression suffered by two elements of the Investigation Police and the damage caused to an official vehicle by a group of people summoned by the politician Carlos Mimenza, who demonstrated outside the Congress and the Palace of Government in Chetumal this Friday.

Due to the fact that he was required by a judicial authority to appear virtually at a hearing to link to the extortion process, the businessman also had to withdraw from the protest for which he claimed to have financed the rental of six trucks with people brought from Cancun and Chetumal. according to their own statements.

Upon rejoining the demonstration, he located a Public Prosecutor’s van with officers on board, whom he accused of following and harassing him. He reported them to elements of the Quintana Roo Police who were a few meters from the scene, whom he asked to intervene, without success.

He asked for the identification of the ministerials, who remained inside the vehicle, and accused them of trying to “execute” him, since they were carrying weapons.

The vehicle was practically neutralized in the middle of the street, in the Barrio Bravo neighborhood, when it was surrounded by the businessman’s people, who – choleric – insulted the ministerials, provoked them and urged them to go out and shoot him, hitting the white truck without license plates .

In videos disseminated by his own communication team or by attendees of the place on social networks, it is observed how between claims and offenses, he repeatedly hit the vehicle, whose path was blocked by people who stood in front and by a reporter from Tabasco, who got behind.

“Come here, we are going to lynch you!” Mimenza harangued, while beating the hood of the vehicle with his hands or kicking the doors.

The activist Lorena Moreno threw heavy rocks on the truck, which she punched a tire and ended up beating one of the already smashed windows with a metal rod.

In his attempt to move, the truck pushed the communicator that blocked his way from behind, and he accused that he had been “run over”; then, he himself took his tripod and began to explode it against the windows of the vehicle, while those around him encouraged him to continue.

With even more spirits, they placed logs and stones in front and behind the vehicle to impede its advance.

Riot police arrived at the scene, walking towards the truck, where the coordinator of the Investigative Police of the Prosecutor’s Office, Didier Vázquez, arrived to remove his subordinates from the place, who got out of the vehicle, surrounded, between shouts and insults and received some blow from Mimenza.

The pair of officers had to flee the place, while the businessman’s people chased them through several streets and even aboard a vehicle, until they managed to get to safety, and then file a complaint against whoever is responsible for the attacks. they suffered and the damage to the official vehicle.