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Mexico reaches 97 thousand 624 deaths from Covid-19


Mexico reached 97 thousand 624 deaths from Covid-19 this Friday, November 13, according to data from the federal Ministry of Health where it is also revealed that the figure of cases confirmed by the pathogen It is 997 thousand 393.

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This afternoon from National Palace for him Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, presented information detailing that the Mexico’s valley continues to lead in the number of coronavirus cases.

While, From November 16 to 22, Mexico City will continue with an orange traffic light with an alert, Therefore, measures will be implemented to reduce infections, the capital government reported.

Data from the Health authorities indicate that In the last 24 hours, 5,558 new cases of Covid-19 were registered, as well as 568 deaths.

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