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Pemex asks employees to return profits

This is an extract from the official letter in which the Treasury reminds the agencies of the federal government’s austerity measures / Photo: Spice


PMI Comercio Internacional, a subsidiary of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), asked its employees to return part of the Employee Profits Share that was given to them by law in May of this year, and which are part of their employment benefits.

The company’s decision is part of the implementation of the austerity policy imposed by the federal government, which aims to reduce its general expenses.

According to information from agencies, the request would affect 270 employees, who would return close to one million dollars.

Through corporate emails, it was requested to follow up on this order, so a list of the amounts paid for PTU and the suggested amount to be deposited or returned was sent, according to the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation last April.

According to this document, which was disseminated in all government agencies, since last July reference codes have been available that allow “public servants with the level of deputy director to President of the Republic, attached to the agencies including their decentralized administrative bodies, to the Office of the Presidency, the agrarian courts and parastatal entities to make voluntary contributions ”.

According to the austerity policy, the percentage of “contributions” ranges from 5% to 25% in the highest range in the organization chart. Derived from this, the PMI email in which the refund is requested, ensures that the amount suggested to deposit “considers an average factor on the net amount paid to mitigate the impact of double taxation by the employee”.

According to agency data, it is ensured that employees who refuse to make contributions must send a letter that describes the reasons for their determination.


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