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‘Soon Alessandro will be served justice,’ says his father

After the burial of the young Alessandro in the San Isidro pantheon in Azcapotzalco, the father of the 14-year-old teenager commented that justice for the death of his son will soon be served.

“To all the young people who fight for their dreams, follow your path, do not follow a bad gap, follow your path. Of course it has been very, very strong and I hope justice, just that, justice will be done very soon”, he pointed out.

Sandro, as Alessandro was known, the 14-year-old teenager found inside a suitcase three days ago on the streets of the Guerrero neighborhood, was a boy who “radiated joy and happiness” for his teammates in the third division team in which he was the goalkeeper, said Walter, his coach.

Last Friday he made his debut in the third division team in the MX National League. His passion for soccer and skill was so great that at 14 he was in the ranks of a category for young people of 20 who aspire to a place in a professional club.

“” She was a cute child that radiated joy and happiness, she was the joy of the team, noble, supportive, kind, there were colleagues who sometimes did not have the possibility to bring their hydration, at the end of training they are asked to bring milk and fruit, and he brought for his teammates, he was always supportive, “said Walter, who on Thursday, together with the FC Tlatelolco team, protested peacefully on Eduardo Molina Avenue.

Next Tuesday, the young man had a call to the Under 15 National Team where he would participate as a goalkeeper, said the coach, who stressed that Sandro had a great future in football. On the day of his disappearance Alessandro played and said goodbye to his teammates, who came to know him again until he was recognized as the victim found in a suitcase.

The inquiries suggest that the teenager knew his captors, residents of the same neighborhood 20 de Noviembre. Sources from the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) reported that Alessandro may have known the people who picked him up, because according to the images from the City cameras that were added to file CI-FIEDH / 2 / UI-1C / D / 00299 / 11-2020, it is never observed that the minor asked for help or resisted getting on the motorcycle that circulated until he got lost in the streets of the first square of the capital. The prosecution reported that they searched three homes, two of them in the Guerrero neighborhood and one more in Santa María La Ribera, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, where they kept Alessandro kidnapped and then murdered him.