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They extend the obligation to use the mask

In more and more entities the use of mandatory face masks is a reality, and while in Chihuahua the decree was approved by the local Congress, in the municipality of Cuernavaca fines and sanctions were endorsed for those who do not wear this garment.

The Chihuahua Congress approved, with 22 votes in favor, three against and one abstention, the mandatory use of a mask for the duration of the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The law determines that all persons entering public or private offices or workplaces must wear masks, or they will be denied access.

Regarding public transport, it was determined that all drivers of the units must wear face masks during the working day and will not be able to provide the service to the user who does not carry it, so that, if the person refuses or incurs In acts of violence, the authorities may apply the corresponding sanctions, which range from warning, community work, a fine, temporary, total or partial closure, or arrest for up to 12 hours.

For its part, in Morelos, the Cabildo de Cuernavaca approved to apply economic sanctions from 1,500 to 7,000 pesos, as well as administrative arrest of 36 hours to people who refuse to follow the protection measures against COVID-19 such as use of the masks.

The Secretary General of the City Council, Erick Santiago Romero Benítez, explained that in establishments and shopping malls, consumers will be encouraged to use the garment or they will not enter.

It was also approved to apply economic sanctions from 800 pesos to 20 thousand pesos to the owners of establishments that do not comply with the implemented measures, such as the established hours for the sale and distribution of alcohol.