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They forget in Tabasco COVID and sanitary measures

The inhabitants of Tabasco went from one tragedy to another. First, more than 35,000 people were infected with COVID-19 and, when this problem began to decrease, heavy rains caused flooding in 13 municipalities.

The emergency due to the overflowing of rivers and the discharge of dams put the people of Tabasco on alert, who since October have fought to save their own lives and prevent the water from destroying their belongings.

Concern about flooding is now greater than that of the coronavirus. This is observed in the streets and in the temporary shelters of Villahermosa and the municipality of Centro, where people forgot their face masks, masks, goggles and other protectors.

“With this flood, many people forgot [usar el cubrebocas], they were in a hurry and they left picking up their things (…) we have been in the water for five days and the authorities have not told them anything [a las personas sobre el uso del cubrebocas]”said María de los Ángeles, a resident of the Gaviotas Sur neighborhood in Villahermosa.

In that neighborhood, the asphalt streets are now rivers. There you can see people who remain in the affected areas walking, going out to do their shopping or talk with their neighbors.

Some wear masks, but others leave it at home with the argument that this way they will not suffocate in the heat and humidity.

Also during the day it is common to see people handing out food, while the victims swirl over the food shouting and pushing.

The relaxation of sanitary measures has already had its consequences: only on November 12, the Tabasco Health Secretariat confirmed 113 cases of coronavirus, a figure that had not been seen since October 7.

Likewise, between November 9 and 12 there was an upward trend in infections, according to official information, with the municipality of Centro being the most affected so far.

Added to this, two days ago the Undersecretary of Public Health, Leopoldo Gastelum, recognized an increase in infections and hospitalizations due to this virus.

According to the Undersecretary of Health, as of November 12, 10 cases had been registered in temporary shelters.