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Up to 78% of Mexicans expect to be immunized against COVID-19

The enthusiasm for getting the long-awaited vaccine against COVID-19 is increasing among Mexicans, who show willingness to be the first to put on the antidote.

The latest survey conducted by the Ipsos firm of more than 18,000 adults in 15 countries during the month of October reflects an increase in the availability of Mexicans to use the expected remedy against the coronavirus.

78% of Mexicans want to get the vaccine, which represents an increase compared to the 75% registered in August.

The availability of Mexicans exceeds the average, 73% say they will get the vaccine.

As in Mexico, there is an opening to get vaccinated in India, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, China and the United Kingdom.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are France and the United States, which have the highest levels of opposition, with one in five French people completely disagreeing with inoculation. In Mexico only 7% are against the vaccine.

The worldwide anxiety for the vaccine to arrive as soon as possible was evidenced by the euphoria that triggered the announcement by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that its prototype had reached a level of effectiveness of 90% against COVID-19.

The report from the pharmaceutical company also evidenced the battle that is being waged on the planet to get the drug first. The European Union, through its executive arm, took the lead, immediately tying a purchase contract with Pfizer for up to 300 million doses.

Despite the efforts made by European health authorities to ensure that its population is the first to shield itself against the virus, the Germans, Italians and Spaniards are not in the front row to get the vaccine, but the Mexicans.

71% of Mexicans do not want to wait, they say they would be vaccinated in less than three months after being put into circulation, the highest level among the countries consulted. Availability among the French during this period is only 38%.