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Governors blame capricious budget

The Alliance leaders criticized that the federal government centralized 47% of the health budget. Photo: Special


The ten governors of the Federalist Alliance regretted that a majority of federal deputies from Morena, the Green Party, the PT and the Social Encounter, in an exercise of excessive partisanship, chose to privilege the political line over the democratic duty with the approval of the Budget of Expenditures of the Federation (PEF) 2021.

In a press release, the members of the Alliance indicated that the legislators lost the opportunity to comply with Mexico by approving the cut of 182 billion pesos for the states.

They disregarded themselves and lost the respect of the Mexicans, ”they stated.

Taking austerity as an excuse to abandon public policies with a capricious and inequitable budget allocation is criminal, since the cuts applied in the 2021 PEF for the states and municipalities will bring consequences and direct effects on the quality of life of citizens, slowing down infrastructure works substantial that translate into job creation and economic development, as well as projects for security, countryside, education, health, among others, “they said.

The state leaders warned that the economic blow will reach figures of up to seven billion for some Alliance entities.

Given the current situation, they pointed out that it is alarming to centralize 47% of the budget for the health sector, which leaves room for opacity and lack of certainty about the distribution of resources.

In particular, they pointed out that, in their case, for the ten states that belong to the Federalist Alliance, no resources were allocated for vaccination programs.

The centralization of resources and their monopolistic, discretionary and opaque use puts at risk the virtuous circle represented by local projects and synergies. The resources belong to all of our peoples, not just the federal government.

The states of the Federalist Alliance have always demonstrated solidarity through productivity; therefore, we expected a reciprocal treatment, which corresponds to our participation in the economic activity and in the collection, otherwise the economic and social impact will be irreversible ”, they stated.

They added that the damage is not to ten states and their municipalities but to all, without exception, so the urgency of reviewing the Fiscal Coordination System cannot be postponed.

The Alliance does not give up. We resist in unity, in trust and in the commitment to justice and to Mexico of the Judicial Power of the – we underline – Federation ”, they concluded.

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