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Lawsuit for airport land ends; agreement was reached with community members


After 159 days of sit-ins, community members from San Miguel Xaltocan evicted the 128 hectares where the Felipe Ángeles International Airport is being built and which they claimed as their own.

The inhabitants of this Otomí community, belonging to the municipality of Nextlalpan, Edomex, reached a 12-point agreement with the federal government, with which Sedena took possession of the land yesterday at noon and began work on the new air terminal.

Excelsior revealed on July 20 the dispute between community members and Sedatu for the possession of the 128 hectares, declared national land on April 26, 2019.

In the agreement, the copy of which is owned by this newspaper, the federal government undertakes to carry out infrastructure works in the community for 384 million pesos. Other agreed consensuses are the holding of an assembly so that the community members endorse or not Juan Paredes as their representative and that the Sedena personnel who work in that part of the work respect the term of the sowing and harvest of barley that is developed in 70 of the 128 hectares, which are to be completed in two more weeks.

The community members removed the tent they had installed on the land where the Felipe Ángeles Airport is being built. One of the points of the agreement is that they will be given compensation for the land / Photo: Special

Government and Sedatu signed an agreement for infrastructure works in San Miguel Xaltocan, where the General Felipe Ángeles Airport is being built

The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) took possession yesterday at noon of the 128 hectares where the General Felipe Ángeles International Airport will be built, and that community members of San Miguel Xaltocan had in their possession since last June 8.

The works for the new air terminal in that property of the municipality of Nextlalpan, State of Mexico, started immediately. And these were possible since the federal government and community members of San Miguel Xaltocan signed a 12-point agreement, of which Excelsior has a copy.

A part of the group of 722 community members of that town of Otomí origin – to whom the government promised to deliver under the figure of social title 617 hectares that they have historically owned -, took another 128 hectares where the construction of the main entrance of the new air terminal, to claim compensation for that property, which was declared national land on April 26, 2019, along with the 617 hectares.

Given the legal impossibility of providing compensation, payment or any type of compensation for the 128 hectares of national land, a compensation agreement was reached. This is point four of the twelve reached by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) and the Institute and the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, with the community members.

For the Interior, the agreement was signed by Rabindranath Salazar Solorio, head of the Undersecretariat for Democratic Development, Social Participation and Religious Affairs; for Sedatu, the undersecretaries Daniel Fajardo Ortiz, of Urban Development and Housing, of Territorial Planning, Ricardo Cervantes Peredo; for the CND, Hugo Aguilar Ortiz, general coordinator of indigenous rights and, for the community members, José Luis González Martínez.

A formal ceremony is scheduled for next Tuesday at the Governor’s facilities.

The federal government, through these three instances, undertook to carry out infrastructure works, with a value of 384 million pesos. The works to be developed from next December until 2023, will be proposed and will come out of the 4 work tables that have existed since the agreements of March 10 of last year.

As part of the agreements is that 12 of the members of the camp that was dismantled yesterday will join these four work groups: land, water, infrastructure and development.

The established amount of 384 million for the works is based on a kind of compensation, for the commercial value of one million 280 thousand square meters, at a rate of 300 pesos per square meter.

Another of the fundamental points of the agreement is the first. This consists of holding an assembly among the 722 community members so that they endorse or not Juan Paredes as their representative or another is elected.

Among the 12 points signed by the federal government is that the Sedena troops who work in this part of the airport work will respect the term of the sowing and harvest of barley that they developed in about 70 hectares of the 128 and that it would be about conclude in two more weeks. The community members themselves will be in charge of harvesting, since the government refused to buy the harvest from those of Xaltocan.

Once the agreement took effect and the camp was dismantled, the works for the construction of what will be the main entrance of the General Felipe Ángeles International Airport will be able to continue, after 157 days in detention; Two weeks ago, machinery operated by elements of the Mexican Army had already started working on the foundations of the perimeter fence in that area of ​​the airport.

However, the release of this property of 128 hectares of national land, thus declared by Sedatu, since April 26, 2019, still has pending lawsuits claiming ownership of that land.

This is Inmobiliaria Zumpango, which estimates that it owns a part of 80 hectares of those 128 hectares and, the other, of Raúl Romero Zenizo.

During the development of the negotiations, the government representatives, according to the community members, the titling of 617 hectares among the group of 722 community members advances, since, according to the government, of the three protection that existed to claim ownership of that land, only One is active and they consider it very difficult to prove the property, so the declaration of national land will remain firm and thus the community members who for decades have sought to own that land can be titled as social property.

According to the testimonies of the community members who yesterday evicted the camp, they will be very aware that the agreements are fulfilled, since those they had since March 10, 2019, due to the indigenous consultation, have not yet been fulfilled. .

For this reason, the community members notified the representatives of the federal government who signed the agreement, which of course has mechanisms to execute if the commitments are not fulfilled.


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