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Quebec announces $ 100 million for home care –

This additional funding aims to consolidate and improve the home support assistance in place, explained the Minister of Health Christian Dubé at a press briefing on Sunday, November 15.

More than 370,000 people received home care during the year, he said, 10,000 more than in 2019. Mr. Dubé argued that “the pandemic has exacerbated the desire of Quebecers to stay at home as long as possible, surrounded by their loved ones. It is a choice that the government has at heart, ”he said.

Of this $ 100 million, $ 65 million will be paid to the CLSCs to increase the volume of care offered. Hours of service, in particular, will be improved, the minister said. In total, 1,100 more people will be able to receive support at home.

The remaining amount will be used in part to increase the wages of home attendants. “It was due”, simply said Mr. Dubé. This measure will encourage the recruitment of new employees in this area to meet the needs of additional users, he said.

The parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Soulanges Maryline Picard accompanied Mr. Dubé during this announcement, since she herself has a disabled child requiring home care.

“When you are faced with a child with severe needs, family and professional life is turned upside down. The additional aid will make it possible to tangibly offer a better quality of life to families who will be able to take their heads out of the water, ”she said.