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Regional outreach support fund: nearly $ 8.8 million for 50 projects and 1 sectoral agreement in Montérégie –

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Andrée Laforest and the Minister responsible for Montérégie Simon Jolin-Barrette recently announced financial assistance of nearly $ 8.8 million for the implementation of 50 initiatives and the realization of an agreement sector submitted under the Regional Outreach Support Fund (FARR).

“The FARR program aims to support the realization of mobilizing projects that will have positive repercussions on their territory in the various regions of Quebec,” said Andrée Laforest. The socioeconomic benefits of these projects will benefit all Montérégiens. ”

“The creativity of the promoters of Montérégie is undeniable and it is reflected in the announced projects,” added Simon Jolin-Barrette. Their contribution is considerable for the development of our community. ”

Projects affecting the agglomeration of Longueuil

  • $ 28,500 for the Municipal Real Estate Heritage Support Program – Part 2 – Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Hire an architect who will act as a real estate development agent. Its main mandate will be to put in place favorable conditions for the knowledge, development, protection and transmission of real estate heritage in the Montarville area.

  • $ 40,000 for theFeasibility study for the creation of a multimedia heritage cycling route along the river – Longueuil

Evaluate the feasibility of enhancing the various heritage assets of the places crossed by the La Riveraine cycle path, via an interactive, sensory and virtual open-air route, on a common theme: the development of banks of the river and the richness of its heritage.

  • $ 50,000 for the Lumifest, digital visual arts and street food festival – Asphalte diffusion

Organize the next edition of the festival of outdoor architectural projections and interactive installations produced by professional artists on the built heritage of Vieux-Longueuil. New features will be added to this free event, including the participation of restaurateurs from Saint-Charles Street in Longueuil, the arrival of a Mexican artist producing live digital visual works of art and the creation of works made by artists. selected artists illustrating five pieces of the new wave 1980 / alternative 1990 musical current.

  • $ 70,000 for the establishment of a recycling center project – Longueuil

Set up a sorting center for recyclable materials in which the municipal sector would be the main shareholder. For this phase of the project, it is about preparing the legal aspect by consulting the required professionals.

  • $ 81,450 for the implementation of sustainable mobility actions – Voyagez Futé

Set up a travel management plan (PGD) for CEGEPs in the Montérégie region. The latter will include a diagnosis made up of a statement of the mobility offer, the analysis of a survey on travel habits intended for the student community and employees as well as the geolocation of their postal codes. Subsequently, a sustainable mobility action plan adapted to the challenges and context of each CEGEP will be produced. Voyagez Futé will support CEGEPs in carrying out their actions.

  • $ 100,000 for A whole world, creation and presentation project for children with autism spectrum disorders – Motus Theater

Create a show designed for children with special needs, especially those with autism spectrum disorder, who have a different relationship to their environment. The place where the performance will take place will also be adapted to the audience.

  • $ 152,917 for the Regional Program for the acquisition of data on wetlands and bodies of water – detailed hydrographic network – GéoMont

Create a detailed hydrographic network for the territory under study including all agricultural drainage ditches and roads. Immediate watersheds of the elements of the network (each node and each wetland that the RCMs want to conserve) will also be created. The whole project will make it possible to know the surface area and the drained territory of each element.

  • $ 170,000 for the development of the virtual ideal factory vision workshop – Economic development of the agglomeration of Longueuil

Develop training using virtual reality to accelerate the digital transition of companies. Thanks to an immersive workshop, they will be able to experience the impact of certain technologies and see how they work and their scope.

  • $ 180,000 for Invent’air, outdoor equipment and equipment loan service – Loisir et Sport Montérégie

Offer a free loan service for materials and equipment so that organizations in the area can introduce young people to outdoor activities through five service points.

  • $ 232,000 for the creation of a service center for the integration of immigrants into the labor market and their maintenance on the South Shore – Université de Sherbrooke – Campus de Longueuil

Create a service center for the integration of immigrants into the labor market and their maintenance on the South Shore. The center will be a one-stop-shop providing personalized assistance to immigrants for recognition and skills acquisition. Employers will receive support in recruiting, integrating and retaining staff with an immigrant background.

  • $ 292,188 for the Regional Program for the acquisition of data on wetlands and bodies of water – characterization of riparian strips – GéoMont

Analyze the conformity of riparian strips, by photo-interpretation, of agricultural watercourses in the territory of each partner RCM, in relation to their width and their plant cover. Thus, a profile of the state of compliance of the riparian strips of 400 km of agricultural watercourses for each territory will be drawn up.

  • $ 328,000 for an infrastructure adapted for children in community social pediatrics in Longueuil – Center for social pediatrics in the community of Longueuil

Build premises at the new Center de pediatrie sociale en communautaire de Longueuil to offer local services to children and families in the Sacré-Coeur district. The new layout will provide two clinical offices for meetings with families, two offices for professionals (lawyer, speech therapist, etc.) and a multifunctional room.

  • $ 406,201 for Unite and build – Regional Federation of Housing NPOs of Montérégie and Estrie (FROHME)

Help non-profit housing organizations (NPOs) in the region to refinance their buildings with financial institutions to build hundreds of affordable housing units in Montérégie by 2024.

  • $ 448,125 for Innovative Territory: Support and places of experimentation for start-up companies – Economic development of the agglomeration of Longueuil

Match innovative start-ups with founders of successful businesses who will finance and bring their expertise to emerging businesses. Fields of experimentation and business development opportunities will be offered to companies so that they can test the relevance of their solution and facilitate the marketing of their products. Concretely, it will be a question of preparing and supporting emerging companies (startups) and finding them a company to use their innovations or technologies.

  • $ 600,000 for the Sectoral Development Agreement for forests in the region – Agence forestière de la Montérégie; 14 MRCs in the region; Agglomeration of Longueuil; Table de concertation des préfets de la Montérégie; Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks; Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Support the implementation of initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the sustainable development of forest land and the development of forest resources.