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The Bloc Québécois de Montarville is preparing for elections in 2021 –

“The next year will undoubtedly be an election year, for which we must therefore actively prepare,” said MP Stéphane Bergeron, on the sidelines of the annual general assembly of the Bloc Québécois in Montarville on November 8.

“Had it not been for the unexpected support of the NDP for the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, which was clearly ready to fall, we would be currently on an election campaign,” continued the MP. So it is only a matter of weeks, if not months… Indeed, the Liberals are in a hurry to go to the polls before the opposition can shed any light on the WE Charity scandal and before Canadians take aware of the bad news that awaits them, when they complete their income tax return, after months of lavishness during which Justin Trudeau has worked to buy his re-election with our own money. “

“The Bloc Québécois has had the opportunity to demonstrate, in recent weeks, that it can play an important role in foreign policy, which at the same time allows it to continue to fulfill its mission, which consists in particular in asserting the positions of Quebec on the international scene, which is certainly not negligible in anticipation of independence ”, also underlined Mr. Bergeron, who is also spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois in this area. foreign affairs.

The annual general meeting, which was held by videoconference in the presence of about thirty members, enabled the organization to adopt its 2019-2020 financial and activity reports and to elect the members of its board. executive.

New website

The MP also recently launched his new website,

At the very start of the pandemic, a microsite focused primarily on the various support measures for individuals, organizations and businesses had been unveiled; it is a revamped version of this site which was put online recently.

The summer period will have been conducive to the development of this new version, which is in a way a one-stop-shop allowing the population to have access to a wealth of relevant information, in particular about the many interventions by Mr. Bergeron since his election. in Montarville.