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They arrest more than 500 people in Oaxaca for not wearing face masks

At the end of the program “30 days for your family and your economy. Mandatory use of face masks” in the municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec, in the Costa region, more than 483 people were arrested for not wearing face masks, while the city council has collected for payment of fines more than 49 thousand 950 pesos.

The campaign, which started on October 16 in the entire municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec, one of the two in which the tourist city of Puerto Escondido is located, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, sought to reinforce all the guidelines and municipal protocols for beaches, restaurants, shopping centers and others, regulations that are still in force, for which the detention of people who resisted the use of face masks was annexed; This penalty could be exchanged if a fine of 150 pesos was paid or community work was carried out.

According to the report of the municipal authority, which feeds on data from tourist destinations such as Puerto Escondido, Bajos de Chila and the municipal seat, from October 16 to November 14, 483 people were arrested for not wearing face masks, of the which 333 paid their respective fines, so the amount collected now amounts to 49,800 pesos in 29 days.

But in addition, 137 of those people refused to pay the fine and were imprisoned, while 13 individuals preferred to do community work. In the daily report it was reported that on November 13 alone, six people were arrested.

According to the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO), the Costa region has an accumulated 1,160 positive cases of COVID-19 and 116 deaths, while San Pedro Mixtepec has 2.