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They narrate the experience after a gas explosion in the Morelos neighborhood of CDMX

“I finished taking off my clothes, and at the last [prenda] that I pulled, I heard boom! An explosion that, in my life, I had never heard, “describes Miguel Flores, who lives at number 39 Panaderos Street, a few meters from the three-story neighborhood that collapsed due to the explosion. which was registered on Friday night and left two dead, an older man and a minor, as well as 25 injured, 21 of them with minor bruises and nervous breakdowns.

Miguel was knocked over by the force of the explosion. The glass in his house, which is on the ground floor, broke and even one of the pieces injured him, but not seriously.

He says that he got very nervous and thought about his wife and granddaughter who had gone out to buy an atole. For this reason he immediately got up, turned off the light, closed the gas and went to the street, where he found his family.

Hours after the accident, in the streets of the Morelos neighborhood, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, the inhabitants talk about their experiences, because many houses were left with broken glass, but they also fear that it could be repeated, and above all, there is uncertainty about who died, because almost everyone knows each other in that area.

Such is the case of Leticia González, who says that her sister lived in the damaged house located at number 56 of that street, but until yesterday she still did not know about her situation because the area is cordoned off by police and military who show in their vehicles banners of the DN-III-E Plan.

The Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) reported that four people were hospitalized, but later the capital prosecutor’s office reported that there were 10.

Leticia comments that the explosion, which according to the authorities so far indicates that it was due to the accumulation of LP gas, shook the entire floor and “felt like a strange breath of air.”

In a tour carried out by this publishing house in the vicinity of the affected area, it is observed that the fences and police surveillance prevent access to the house where the explosion took place, but the presence of experts is noticed.

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) opened an investigation folder for the crimes of wrongful death, damage to property and injuries, both guilty, but it limited, it is gathering more elements for the investigation.

The entrance to the street of Panaderos is only allowed to neighbors who showed an official identification proving that they lived in that area.

Night they won’t forget

On Friday, November 13, at 10:35 p.m., the residents of the Morelos neighborhood heard a noise that in minutes generated the presence of dozens of policemen, ambulances, firefighters, as an explosion occurred caused by the accumulation of LP gas in the building composed of three towers of three levels each and with nine official departments, one conditioned and two commercial premises.

According to the SGIRPC, one tower was partially collapsed, the other partially, and the third did not suffer major damage.

The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, reported that the first evidence of the explosion ruled out that it was a possible attack and rather it was due to the accumulation of gas.

While for Mrs. Laura Monserrat, who carried out the last housework before going to bed, she remembers that when the explosion occurred, she did not imagine the magnitude; however, he says, it was something he will never forget.

“I was in the zotehuela when the explosion was heard, I immediately went to see my son and he complained of a pain in the ear due to the buzzing.”

Mr. Jorge and his family were shocked by the incident, they thought it was an earthquake, like in 2017.