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Traffic accidents decrease in CDMX during 2020


Within the framework of World Day in Remembrance of Road Traffic VictimsOn November 15, the capital government reported a drop in the number of traffic events.

They ask for gas control to avoid clashes and accidents

In a joint statement between the Mobility secretary (Semovi) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) it was reported that, from January to September 2019, there were 13,278 traffic events while, in 2020, they were reduced to 11,153, that is, 16 percent less.

As to fatal victims, in 2019 there were 286 victims and in 2020 there were 278, that is, a reduction of 3 percent.

Speeding and rain cause road accidents in CDMX

The agencies reported that in the current administration they have carried out actions to reduce traffic events, including speed control carousel operations, motorcycle training and license, course and exam for online license A, permanent and emerging bicycle lanes and more bicycle parking lots, night closing of central lanes in roads such as Periférico, Circuito Interior and Insurgentes, among others.

The Ministry of Works and Services It illuminated government buildings and monuments in yellow to commemorate the World Day in Remembrance of Traffic Victims.