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Call De la O to celebrate a ‘different Christmas’ before Covid

Despite the restrictions by Covid-19 in NL, increases in infections are still being recorded. File photo: Cuartoscuro


Due to the presence of Covid, Nuevo León will have a different Christmas, because on this occasion the posadas will not be able to be held.

The Secretary of Health Manuel de la O, assured the above during the Covid case update conference in the entity, arguing that they are a significant risk to health.

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“We have to celebrate a different Christmas; today, the posadas, those meetings that we had with friends and families, it will not be convenient for them to take place.

“We could bring an inappropriate gift, which is to give away that virus that causes the death of our friends and family,” he warned.

The confirmed cases of Covid in Nuevo León remain at an average of more than 600 per day, however yesterday, the state reached the figure of 689 infections.

As for the number of deaths, in the last 24 hours there were 27, which represents a decrease after the constant of more than 30 daily deaths related to the virus.

With the update, Manuel de la O, secretary of state Health, indicated that to date there are 91 thousand 804 confirmed cases and 5 thousand 069 deaths from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

During the press conference it was indicated that 82 percent of Covid patients receive outpatient treatment, that is, from home, while 18 percent must be admitted to hospital.

Today there are 1,287 hospitalized patients, three less than yesterday. While there are 281 more connected to mechanical respirators.

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