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Private parties detonate the spread of covid-19: Sheinbaum


In recent days there has been an increase in family parties and friends’ gatherings and “probably this is what has led to a greater spread of the disease,” said the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, in relation to the increase in cases of covid-19, which is why he called on citizens to avoid these types of meetings where the risk of contagion is high.

In a videoconference, Sheinbaum Pardo expressed that crowds have been observed in bars and restaurants, and that is why they decided to end the Reopening program, which allowed bars to offer restaurant service and led the local government to reduce restaurant hours by one hour .

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It is in those places where we have seen an increase -in the influx of people- and we also call on citizens to -avoid- private parties, “said the head of government.

As for what happened at the Fisher’s restaurant in Polanco, where INVEA officials were attacked by personnel of that business when they closed it for failing to comply with sanitary measures, he said “it is the only case of aggression against INVEA agents.”

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He also announced that the attackers will be brought before the MP and the restaurant was closed.

In these days when the cases of covid-19 are increasing, it is important that restaurants respect sanitary measures and announced that today at 2 in the afternoon they will have a meeting with mayors “for actions related to the issue of the pandemic “.

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