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Shoot and burn his best friend alive in Sonora

They were friends for years and there was a lot of trust between them. Jaime Eduardo had a financial debt with José Ismael who fiercely took his life in Cajeme, Sonora.

For the crime of premeditated murder, treachery, treason, advantage and brutal ferocity, the subject received a conviction in abbreviated procedure of 25 years in prison, after accepting his responsibility in the facts. Solid and conclusive evidence data were presented by personnel of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sonora (FGJE), within criminal case 779/2020, which was endorsed by the Judge and the defendant’s defense to dictate the penalty.

In the early hours of the morning of September 24 of this year, José Ismael “N” was at the house of whom he said was his friend, but at one point the aggressor took out a pistol and fired at the victim, taking advantage of the fact that he had turned your back.

When Jaime Eduardo fell due to the impact of the projectile, which caused him several injuries, his “friend” wrapped the body in a blanket, put it in a Jeep Liberty vehicle, owned by the victim, and they left the home, located in the Valle Dorado neighborhood. .

He transferred him to a property located on Calle 400 + 500 between Michoacán and Kino, in the Yaqui Valley, where with all advantage he set fire to the automotive unit with the injured person inside, ending the victim and the car burned.

Apparently due to an economic debt, Jaime Eduardo was deprived of his life, he was injured by a firearm projectile and by direct fire, his body was located at 09:35 hours on the same day of the events.