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Televised weddings are a hit with the audience

November 16, 2020

Love, that feeling that moves the human being, has also become a good business and an attraction to raise audience levels on national television. Taking advantage of the popularity of the bride and groom, they have taken advantage of special broadcasts around the ceremony, which their followers are always grateful for.

Why am I bringing this up? For the special broadcast that was made last Saturday around two of the participants of Exatlon. It is a fact that they tried to take advantage of the high audience levels achieved by this broadcast that shows the high performance competition, in which prominent athletes participate.

In previous seasons they met the Olympic sprinter Zudikey Rodriguez and the footballer Patricio araujo, who have maintained a relationship that has been solidified, now that they participate in the new broadcast of the program, which is why it was armed from the request for a hand and the delivery of the ring to the wedding, which took place in the Dominican Republic, where recording is done.

Having the other athletes and the driver as guests Antonio Rosique, the call was made Colossal Wedding, which achieved good audience levels.

What does it take for a wedding to be televised? Simply that the bride and groom are in very good levels of popularity, as in this case happened with Araujo Y Zudikey.

When talking about the popularity of the contracting parties that causes a wedding to be broadcast, it is enough to remember that of Christian bach Y Humberto Zurita, in 1986, who at that time starred in the hit telenovela Thoroughbred, which caused the anticipation around the ceremony to grow, so it was decided to go live, shortly after the characters were married in the plot.

Later, the youth actors Bibi Gaytan Y Eduardo Capetillo They made their romance public, so when they decided to get married in 1994, they also decided to share it on television. A much remembered televised wedding was the one they starred in bright Star Y Mijares in 1997, made with a great production around it, almost like a soap opera. Then, from New York, the wedding of Thalia Y Tommy mottola. And the most recent was the one they made Eugenio Derbez Y Alessandra rosaldo. Many celebrities complain that the media meddles in their private lives, but they do not miss the opportunity to profit and make a profit.

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