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Wave of protests pulls President of Peru; Manuel Merino resigns


The political crisis in Peru continues to deepen.

Yesterday, the interim president of Peru, Manuel Merino, resigned from the position to which he acceded six days ago, after the dismissal of his predecessor, Martín Vizcarra.

His departure came amid intense protests throughout the country, which resulted in two deaths, 107 injured and 65 missing.

“I want to make it known that I present my irrevocable resignation from the office of President of the Republic,” announced Merino.

In his speech, he mentioned the resignation presented by more than a dozen of his ministers.

“I know that many Peruvians are fed up with the ups and downs of the political class. It is a time of peace and unity ”, he assured.

The crisis began in the South American country on November 9, when Vizcarra was fired for “moral incapacity” following accusations of corruption and bribery, bringing Merino to power.

Since then, the popular mobilizations have not stopped.

On Saturday night, 11 of the 18 cabinet ministers left Merino and various political figures demanded the head of the interim president.

Shortly before Merino’s announcement, the president of the Congress, Luis Valdez, had said that all the parties in Parliament had agreed to request his resignation and threatened that, if he did not do so, they would promote his expulsion.

After his resignation, citizens took to the streets to celebrate Merino’s resignation, in cities such as Lima or Cuzco.

“A dictator has left the Palace. It is not about exchanging it for another. Are those who took an unconstitutional measure going to provide the solution? ”Vizcarra declared after Merino’s announcement.

Vizcarra allegedly received $ 640,000 in bribes from two companies that won the public works tender when he was governor of a southern region of the country in 2014.

In this regard, the prosecution affirmed that “there is merit” to investigate him about his link with the irregular hiring of a singer little known as a motivational advisor, a scandal that sparked the first attempt to expel Vizcarra.

In four years, Peru has had three presidents.

Last night, Congress held an emergency session, without being able to elect a incumbent who should occupy the presidency.

For today, the session of the Constitutional Court is scheduled to debate Vizcarra’s claim on his dismissal.

The lawsuit asks the court to define the criteria for the presidential vacancy on the grounds of permanent moral incapacity.

“My grandson will never come back”

Jack Bryan Pintado and Inti Sotelo are the young people who died during the demonstrations this week against the removal of Martín Vizcarra.

“I told him to take care of himself, to take good care of himself, and to come back soon. And he will never return, “he told the newspaper. Trade Moraima Sandoval, Jack Bryan’s grandmother, while waiting to receive the remains of the boy who received 10 shots from pellets to the face, skull, arm and thorax, during the mobilization.

“Citizen Jack Bryan Pintado Sánchez was assassinated when he was exercising his right to protest. There were 10 impacts of lead shot, in the upper third of his body, ”lawyer Ronald Gamarra denounced via Twitter.

The two deaths occurred amid the excessive use of force by the police.

In the case of Inti, a 24-year-old young man, his relatives confirmed that he was hit by a projectile.

In this context, the human rights association Human Rights Watch warned of the institutional response last week.