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27 applications from independent candidates are approved in Nuevo León

The State Electoral Commission (CEE) reported that after reviewing and analyzing the documentation of the total number of candidates for independent candidacies who presented letters of intent to contest without the support of political parties in the elections on June 6, they were authorized on June 27. 39 requests for them to obtain citizen support signatures.

The EEC noted that of the five applicants who presented letters of intent to be candidates for governor, only 3 were authorized to proceed to attract a minimum of 81,290 citizen supporters each: Candelario Maldonado Martínez, Christian Eduardo Gossler Alanís and José Elizondo Valero. The nominal list of the state, cut to September 30, is 4 million 64 thousand 523 citizens.

Likewise, 16 out of 21 applications to run were accepted for the same number of mayors and eight out of 13 applications to run for local councils.

The deadline for candidates for independent candidacies for governor, mayors and local councils to obtain the required citizen endorsements is from November 20, 2020 to January 8, 2021, through the INE’s mobile application.

The amounts of support necessary for each candidacy are published on the website of the State Electoral Commission and in the Official State Newspaper, for the public to know.