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Disney + is here to stay


In social networks, the name Disney + became a trend yesterday because thousands of users counted the hours to be able to access the contents of this platform that came to stay and win over its followers.

Just a year after it was released in the United States, the Disney + platform arrives today in Mexico and Latin America with exclusive content such as the series The Mandalorian, which has piqued the interest of millions of fans of the Star Wars Universe, original films such as Soul or The One and Only Ivan or the Marvel Cinematic Universe series such as WandaVision, Marvel 616, Loki or What If…?. All this exclusive material will be available to the Latin American territory from today and with a single click.

“We are very excited about the depth of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic catalog and we believe that we have thousands of hours, more than 500 movies, a huge number of titles and the most important thing is where we are going, because this library it’s only going to grow. By putting those five marks on our home page it means that this content will remain permanently, exclusively, limited and forwards. We are emphasizing not only the volume, which we believe is very competitive in the market, but, above all, the quality of our content, ”said Marco Amadeo, Disney Interactive Director of Operations for The Walt Disney Company at Latin America.

The content that will be available on Disney + will be almost the same content as the catalog for Europe and the United States and the difference between the two platforms lies in the fact that some projects, such as Mulan Y The One and Only Ivan, have already been released in the United States and in Mexico they will not arrive immediately, but months after Disney + begins to operate in the national territory.

These small gaps will be fine-tuned until the platform is uniform throughout the world.

“We have some small differences that are going to be reduced in the very short term and that have to do, in some cases, with editorial and programming decisions or with specific adjustments in the catalog. The point is that we are not saving anything, but we are adding ”, explained Marcos Amadeo.

Titles like High School Musical the musical and the series Wandavision Marvel (coming January 15, 2021), the series Willow, by Lucas Films, which will be set in a world of swords, myths and witchcraft, as well as classic films from Disney Studios such as Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast or Pixar sub label tapes like Toy story or the new Forky asks they will be part of the Disney + catalog.

Something that makes the presence in the Disney + market attractive to the public is the fact that up to seven different profiles can be created per membership, so that each member of the family can save their preferences, in addition to ten devices will be able to share the same subscription key.

Regarding the number of screens or devices that will be able to see Disney + at the same time, Disney executives confirmed that there will be four and 17 languages ​​will be available in audios and subtitles. Users will be able to use avatars from Star Wars, Marvel or Disney movies, just to mention a few examples.

Disney + is defined in the market as a family court platform to which parents can put certain locks so that the little ones in the house are careful with products such as some of the seasons of The simpsons or the different Marvel tapes, which come to show some irreverent scenes, battles or fights, which are not recommended for minors.

To have full access to Disney + it is necessary to download the application, which is free and will be according to the operating system you have. From Amazon Fire TV, Apple AirPlay, Apple TV, Chromebook, Chrommecast, Roku, Play Station, Xbox and VizioSmartCast.

In the case of televisions, it can be seen in those that have the pre-installed platform or free download as in Android TV devices, LG WebOS Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

In the case of all those projects that Disney studios have and that are considered more risky or that go beyond the philosophy of the mouse, being more irreverent or containing rudeness, as is the case of the film produced at the time by Fox, Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, the executives will not integrate it into the Disney + catalog and have in mind to launch a parallel platform later that will be called Star.

“This is linked to Fox content, so it has already been confirmed that in the future we will have a platform with more iconic content from this channel that will come out under the Star brand. That platform will have more irreverent content, for adults. We call it a general entertainment platform, while Disney + is the family platform ”, explained David Chávez, VP of Marketing at The Walt Disney Mexico.

It should be remembered that the Fox catalog passed into the hands of the mouse house in March 2019 after a million-dollar transaction that transferred all the content rights to Disney.

Where to see it

Users who want to know if their devices can have the Disney + application can consult at
Some compatible devices are:


  • Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android (phone and tablets)
  • Amazon Fire Tablet

Multimedia Players

  • Apple TV (tvOS)
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Chromecast


  • Android TV: For a better experience it is recommended to use OS versions starting from Android 5.0.
  • It will be available on Smart TVs that support Android TV, including Sharp AQUOS and Sony Bravia.
  • Samsung Smart TV: Compatible with 2016 and later Samsung TVs that support HD video and use the Tizen operating system.
  • LG Smart Tv with WebOS:
  • Compatible with LG TVs from 2016 and later with WebOS 3.0 onwards.

Game consoles

  • PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5)
  • Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox X / S).

Supported browsers


  • Annual subscription: thousand 599 pesos
  • The monthly payment is 159 pesos