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López Obrador supporters ‘collide’ with FRENAAA in the Zócalo


After the FRENAAA collective announced that it would withdraw its camp, on Monday afternoon, around 30 people sympathizing with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador appeared at the capital’s Zócalo.

The group was stationed at the northeast corner of the Plaza de la Constitución Circuit in front of the metal fence that protects the esplanade, there they launched slogans against the FRENAAA activists.

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After trying to tear down the fences and throw some objects, the members of FRENAAA repelled the attack by throwing extinguishing powder.

Immediately, elements of the Metropolitan Group for the assistance of the population appeared with shields to reinforce the metal fence and prevent any major confrontation.

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After the protection of the esplanade by the police, supporters of President López Obrador moved to the jewelry area, where they were encapsulated, between Francisco I. Madero Street and 5 de Mayo.

At this time, the police presence continues on the perimeter of the Zócalo esplanade. The members of proAMLO groups continue on the Plaza de la Constitución Circuit at the height of Francisco I. Madero Street.

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