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Soldiers save boy from drowning in Tabasco

In the video, the child’s mother explained to the Sedena youtuber, soldier Alexa Bueno, that she was doing cleaning work when she saw her son’s body floating in the entrance.


Elements of the Mexican Army saved a child from drowning during the floods that occurred in Teapa, Tabasco; in a story that the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) released on Monday through its social networks.

The events occurred on November 10, at approximately 4:30 p.m., at an address on Miguel Hidalgo Street, in that town.

In the video, the child’s mother explained to the Sedena youtuber, soldier Alexa Bueno, that she was doing cleaning work in her house, when she saw the body of her son, floating in the entrance.

“I was sitting there, but suddenly I said I’m going to clean this hallway here so that there isn’t too much mud, I was washing the mop when suddenly I looked to the side and there I was floating.

“I went out to see who it was, and it was that suddenly I said ‘Yovanni’, I yelled at the eldest, ‘the boy’, my son ran to wash him,” the mother explained to soldier Bueno.

The situation caused the mother to lose consciousness, while other people tried to help the child, and others called out to Army personnel who were working on 1 de Mayo Street, three blocks from the place.

One of the elements, who identified himself as Corporal Galicia, explained that they arrived at the place, with the water at their waist, and when they saw Yovanni’s body, they cleared a table to provide first aid, with the mouth-to-mouth breathing technique. mouth.

“They had him face down, trying to revive him in this area, without thinking I snatched them away and with the help of soldier Nava we cleared this table that had things.

“We put our heads on this side, our feet, and the first thing I did, without thinking, I grabbed her nose and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, while soldier Pérez was reassuring the family,” explained Corporal Galicia.

Another soldier, operator of a Hummie vehicle arrived at the scene, to use it as an ambulance, the military personnel boarded the vehicle and as they went they continued with the resuscitation technique.

“The truth is, I thought a lot about arriving quickly to save the child, because when they brought him up, all I saw was that he was completely fainted.

“I even ran into people on the streets, maybe I was going to support, but I had to bathe them too, I had to put water in the houses again; I did not care because I thought about saving the baby, that I did see him wrong ”, said the operator of the vehicle Hummie.

In the transfer to the hospital in Teapa, the resuscitation works were successful and, given the difficulty in reaching the vehicle, the soldiers got out to continue on foot.

“I kept insisting, I kept giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and that’s when he grabbed the child and returned the water, that’s when he cried and cried all the way.

“I used to say to him, ‘Daddy, if you’re listening, bite my fingers,” he listens at all times and understood what I was saying, ”recalled another of the soldiers.

Without specifying the date, the military personnel explained that Yovanni has already been discharged and is once again with his family.

“We thank God that they were here, even though they were doing their job there, they quickly acted and came, in less than a minute they were here. Practically the baby belongs to them, it is alive for them, ”said the child’s mother through tears.