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The crisis in municipalities worsens; they will not have resources for security


Members of the main organizations of mayors in the country envision a difficult outlook for municipalities next year, given the budgetary weakening of local finances, lack of resources to combat insecurity and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

One of the main concerns of entities such as the National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico is a possible increase in insecurity as a result of the elimination of the Strengthening Program for Security, with which the municipalities will stop receiving four billion pesos in total .

The cut of 182 billion pesos for the states, approved in the budget for 2021, will also harm them, with which it is expected that more municipalities will join those that are in technical bankruptcy, with barely enough money to maintain the payroll .

To this is added the onslaught of the coronavirus, which, according to the National Federation of Municipalities of Mexico, has shown the centralism that the current administration is driving.

Meanwhile, given the cut for states and municipalities, the Federalist Alliance questioned whether more resources should be devoted to works such as the Mayan Train, while priority state projects are being set aside.

Municipalities in crisis due to lack of resources

More municipalities will join the 75% that are already bankrupt, warn municipal organizations.

Next year the financial crisis of the municipalities will worsen and the number of those that are already part of the 75% that is in technical bankruptcy will increase due to the budgetary weakening of local finances.

The 182 billion pesos cut for the states, approved in the Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) for next year, will seriously affect municipal administrations, they asserted to Excelsior members of the main organizations of mayors in the country.

The National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico (Conamm), which brings together all the municipalities of the Republic, indicated that one of the most serious problems they will face will be insecurity due to the elimination of the Program for Strengthening Security (Fortaseg ) for next year, which this year received 4 billion pesos and was reduced to zero pesos by 2021.

With the technical bankruptcy, which basically only allows, in some cases, the payment of the city council’s payroll to open the doors, but without greater operational capacity, said Conamm, and given the lack of funds for security, the municipalities they will be completely helpless.

“From Fortaseg, which is for the safety of citizens, they will stop receiving 4 billion pesos, this is decreasing from citizens, this is a constant since this government arrived, each year it has left without resources states and municipalities.

“Obviously, we are going to have an increase in insecurity, it is already clear that the National Guard cannot do it alone, it has 90 thousand troops, there are more than 400 thousand of municipal and state police, and the cut will go against security. of citizens because with this resource they bought patrols, weapons, did the trust control test, etc. ”, said Enrique Vargas del Villar, co-president of Conamm.

The mayor of Huixquilucan indicated that to this situation the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic is added because in the health strategy to face it, the Federation has left them abandoned.

“What are we doing, a financial reengineering of all municipalities, we already had to do it this year for the problem of covid and this crisis in the country, this year many federal resources stopped arriving. No face mask has reached the municipalities from the federal government, ”said the president of the National Association of Mayors (Anac), which brings together the municipal presidents of the PAN.

In the same vein, the secretary general of the National Federation of Municipalities of Mexico (Fenamm), which integrates the municipalities of the PRI, Sergio Arredondo, pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic has made the centralism of the federal government more evident, which does not necessarily translate into successful results.

He explained that the participation of municipalities in the health strategy to face the pandemic must be strengthened, so that in a situation like the one currently facing the country with covid-19, they really have the capacity to respond, especially because it It is a crisis that is expected to be long-term and will continue in 2021.

“Before federal control, a new vision must be given to the municipalities so that in the face of the health emergency they have the capacity to respond to citizen demands,” he declared.

In the budget for next year, cuts were made in Branch 33 to the Contribution Fund for Strengthening the Municipalities (Fortamun) for 1.88 billion pesos; In addition to the fact that several funds that benefited the municipalities were cut or disappeared: for the third consecutive year, no resources were allocated to the Mining Fund for the benefit of the municipalities – until 2018 it had received 3.7 billion pesos -, as did the Pueblos program Magicos –in 2018 it had 586 million–, and no resources were allocated to the Migrant Support Fund –the last time it received 300 million, in 2018–.

Faced with this situation, Conamm, together with Anac, with the municipal presidents of the PAN; Fenamm, with the mayors of the PRI, and the Association of Local Authorities of Mexico (Aalmac), with the municipalities of the PRD, analyze the legal route to recover budgetary resources for municipalities, mainly those related to Fortaseg.