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He killed a woman in front of her daughter in Iztapalapa; the aggressor committed suicide

The department where the attack occurred was cordoned off to carry out the corresponding investigations, while a security device was coordinated. Photo: Special


After having a discussion, a man killed his wife with a knife, seriously injured his six-year-old daughter, and then committed suicide.

According to police reports, the events occurred around 9:00 p.m. last Tuesday when the neighbors in Iztapalapa heard clearly when a six-year-old girl, the daughter of her neighbor from a second floor apartment, shouted desperately: “¡¡ He hurt my mom and he’s sticking a knife in her! ”.

At that time several people they came to the apartment and heard screams.

One of them, with a fire extinguisher, managed to break the sheet and when he opened the door, the girl ran out with a deep wound on her neck.

Another of the neighbors took her in her arms and transferred her to the General Ignacio Zaragoza Regional Hospital, of the ISSSTE.

Inside, Andrea, his mother, was lying in a pool of blood, while his father, Irving, was also lying on the floor, already lifeless.

Neighbors notified the 911 emergency number.

When the agents of the Secretariat for Citizen Security arrived at the property, witnesses reported that the attacker was Andrea’s partner, but approximately eight months ago, they separated and occasionally visited her.

Last Tuesday, Irving arrived at the house around 6:30 p.m.

An hour later, it was heard an argument between both adults and then came the warning cries of the six-year-old girl.

During an inspection, the elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security found a kitchen knife with a wooden handle and a screwdriver with a plastic handle a short distance from the deceased.

Cell phones were also searched, because one of the first versions was that the dispute between the aggressor and his victim was for information on a mobile device.

Due to these facts, the investigation folder CI-FEIDF / C / UI-C-1 S / D00028 / 11-2020 was initiated, for the crime of femicide.

Until the early hours of this Thursday, the state of health of the minor was kept as reserved.