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Jorge Brito, Argentina’s most powerful banker, dies in a helicopter accident

Argentine businessman and banker Jorge Brito poses for a portrait in Buenos Aires in 2015.Ricardo Ceppi / Getty Images

The businessman and banker Jorge Brito, founder of Banco Macro, died this Friday in a helicopter accident in the province of Salta, in northern Argentina. The device, in which Brito and the pilot were traveling, fell ashore in the area of ​​the Cabra Corral reservoir, about 70 kilometers south of the provincial capital. Hours before, Brito had had lunch with the provincial governor, Gustavo Sáenz, according to local media.

Provincial security sources indicated that the accident occurred when the helicopter was hooked with a metal cable that is used for zip lines.

Brito, 68, founded Banco Macro in the 1980s and between 2003 and 2016 he held the presidency of the Association of Private Banks of Argentine Capital (ADEBA). Considered the most influential banker in Argentina, in his last public appearance he expressed his rejection of the tax on large fortunes just approved by the Chamber of Deputies. “It will only create a fiscal rebellion as has never been seen and possibly nothing or little will be charged and only a war between the Government and the businessmen will be mediated again,” he said in an interview to the Infobae web portal.