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Ceiling and sewage falls on girl with covid in hospital


Erika Valeria Castillo Del Angel, is a little 9 year old that in addition to suffer from various disabilitiesYes, he has been fighting for a month against COVID-19 in the Social Security hospital of the municipality of Madero and where, also by the terrible state in which it is the building, the ceiling panels fell on him as well as a large amount of sewage due to the rupture of the pipes.

Right now my thought is that she is stable because as I say she is a girl with different capacities ”said her mother Erika Del Angel Santiago.

He explained that the incident it happened at 2:00 p.m. when the girl was in an area of isolation and suddenly the false sky was over him and with it large amounts of sewage.

There are a couple of fearsOne is that the minor’s health worsens because, when she was in a tube, they had to dig her up to move her.

The second would be the possibility of having contracted another bacteria with the fall of the sewage.

They told me that they are going to do another study to check if he did not catch another bacterium, hopefully that does not happen.

For Valeria the fight against COVID-19 It is titanic since, in addition to suffering from a couple of disabilities, she has a bacterium in her blood and another in a lung, for which reason she was intubated since her admission.

The mother also reported that the girl She was discriminated against by the Director of Social Security, when he came to complain to her and told her to pay more attention.

He said that the girl suffered from a lot of illnesses and the resources that I contribute and that people contribute are not enough to pay for my daughter’s hospitalization and that the infrastructure is not his fault, ”he said angrily.

Ended that haven’t thought yet If you will file a complaint for the series of negligence that the minor has suffered.

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