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Free Mexico determines to participate in the 2021 elections

México Libre, the association that Margarita Zavala and Felipe Calderón intended to turn into a political party, will participate in the 2021 elections as a political association, will nominate its own candidates and may ally itself with political parties to contest.

In a position, it was reported that, to contribute to the formation of an opposition majority in the Congress of the Union, Mexico Libre decided to participate in the 2021 elections with its own flag-bearers.

The association seeks to consolidate itself as a citizen organization to participate in all aspects of public life.

In addition, it will make criticisms and proposals for solutions to the problems of Mexico, will ensure that government action is subordinated to the common good and will work on the civic training of its militants and citizens.

“The foregoing, as a result of the internal process of deliberation, analysis and proposal that was carried out to determine, in consultation with the affiliates, the route that the organization will follow once the registration was arbitrarily denied by the INE and the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch, “the statement read.

The organization, says the document, seeks to be a benchmark in national public life.

It is noted that, in the resolutions endorsed by the National Executive Commission, the leadership was authorized to continue dialogues with the various opposition parties with a view to building possible political-electoral alliances that allow building an effective counterweight to the presidential power in Congress. of the Union.

Also to participate in the elections of governor, local deputies and municipal presidents in the entities where said elections are held.

In parallel, it will independently nominate those citizens and activists who, due to their trajectory, ethics, leadership, proposals and social commitment, share the ideals of the organization and are a reference in their communities.

“For Mexico Libre a change in the way of doing politics is fundamental, for which it will propose in the course of the negotiations those elements that allow and guarantee the nomination of the best women and the best men to the positions of popular election,” he said. .

It will even promote the transformation of the political system so that the parties are true instruments of citizen participation to guarantee the access of honest and good faith Mexican men and women to public life, without restrictions or bureaucratic obstacles, thus responding to citizen demands. and the emergency scenario that the country is experiencing.

In this context, the National Executive Commission will review, case by case, the possible alliances and nominations for popularly elected positions of militants from Mexico Libre.

“With or without registration, Mexico Libre is a living citizen force thanks to the efforts of hundreds of thousands of women and men who defend freedom, democratic principles and the rule of law. It will continue to fight against authoritarianism and all those expressions, formal or not, that they violate the constitutional order, “he defined.