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Frenaaa calls for a ‘national economic strike’

Gilberto Lozano, leader of the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa), called on citizens to carry out a “national economic strike” so that they do not pay taxes and that way the federal government does not collect money.

In a rally that Frenaaa held at the Angel of Independence, after marching from the Monument to the Revolution, Gilberto Lozano pointed out that the economic strike should last between 15 and 20 days.

“We declare the beginning of a boycott of the payment of taxes, we declare at this moment that we are going to hang the pig because we are not going to give him a penny,” the activist exclaimed.

He also recommended that the FRENAAA representatives communicate the decision of the economic strike to the business chambers of the states.

“It is going to cost us work, but we have to be forceful, governments die because money does not come, we have to do that, not money to the government,” added Lozano.

After holding the rally at the Angel of Independence, the members of Frenaaa decided to continue marching towards the National Auditorium.

“López, go now! López, go now!”, Is one of the slogans heard during this march.