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In Toluca, watch out for Gignac


Since their confrontation in the final of the Copa Libertadores in 2015, playing for River Plate, the now central defender of Toluca, Jonatan maidana, ruled out that there is an enmity with the forward of the Tigers, André-Pierre Gignac, from that confrontation where the Argentine had a personal mark on the French and even a dispute in the match occurred, but beyond that, he mentioned that he remains in the past, knowing that he is a great player who can make a difference in the game. match, so he will try to do his best if he has to score it.

“I will try to do my best as I always do. Beyond anything that has happened in the past with Gignac, we know that he is a great player, that he can make a difference so we have to be very vigilant, “he explained.

The key to beating the feline team will be to have concentration on the duration of the single playoff match, since he knows that, with an oversight, he can define the game for or against, so he asked his teammates to have maximum concentration on all lines to access the Quarterfinals.

“We know that these games are defined like this, a detail can work for you or against you, so you have to be attentive in all aspects and nothing, to enjoy those who play on Sunday. It is a great possibility for all of us”, He indicated.

The Argentine defender acknowledged that the team entered the reclassification with the right thing, he is aware of the situation they are going through, but also assured that they are the teams that most complicate the rivals best placed in the table, so they will seek to surprise the next Sunday to get the win.

“It is true that we entered with the right thing, but sometimes those teams are the ones that complicate the most, so everyone has to be very attentive. We focus on our own and know that you don’t have to make many mistakes and the virtues of the team, to raise them as much as possible to try to achieve a victory ”, stated the player.