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I voted no to marijuana but the yes won: Lilly Téllez after reform approval

After the approval of the recreational use of marijuana in the Senate of the Republic, the PAN legislator, Lilly Téllez published a message on her official Facebook page to make it clear that she did not vote in favor of said reform, which caused that trend back.

The PAN senator, Lilly Téllez, became a trend in social networks for a publication in which she pointed out that she did not vote in favor of the reform that gives the green light to the recreational use of marijuana.

In this context, on Saturday, the Senator of National Action uploaded a photograph on her official Facebook page with the vote that took place in last Thursday’s session and in the message she indicated that she did not vote in favor “but the yes won.” .

The above generated several criticisms of the senator for her position on the recreational use of marijuana:

Last Thursday, the Senate of the Republic endorsed the decriminalization of the recreational, medical, industrial and research use of marijuana; opinion that will still have to pass the review of the Chamber of Deputies.

“People over 18 years of age are allowed to consume psychoactive cannabis,” the document states.

Self-consumption and personal consumption were also approved, which in practical terms means that people who live alone will be able to grow six plants and up to eight if more than two consumers live in the same space, as well as buy and carry up to 28 grams of yerba, that is, a pack of 28 cigarettes, purchased in authorized and regulated establishments.

I voted NO to marijuana but the yes won

published by Lilly tellez in Saturday, November 21, 2020