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‘In Puebla we are not going to fail him,’ Barbosa tells López Obrador

‘In Puebla we are not going to fail him,’ Barbosa tells López Obrador


Miguel Barbosa, governor of Puebla state, said the support of the poblanos and poblanas to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Barbosa considers that López Obrador is one of the two presidents who have come to office under the effective suffrage system so thas support for the Fourth Transformation of the country.

We want to accompany him without doubts, or hesitation: we want him to be certain that in Puebla we are not going to fail him, ”explained the state president to the head of the federal Executive, who in the auxiliary board of Tlaxcalantongo (where Venustiano Carranza was assassinated 100 years ago ) chaired the Wellbeing Program Evaluation.

Barbosa Huerta affirmed that the ‘Fourth Transformation ‘ It should not have elites or disputed groups in power that lead to the weakening and destruction of this movement, whose beneficiaries are the poor and no longer the neoliberals as happened in the past, he stressed.

“The rulers must not lie, steal, or betray and must act in accordance with the law,” said the governor.

For his part, President López Obrador indicated that the Fourth Transformation is taking place without violence, but with depth, and explained that it is consistent with ending corruption and putting the people at the center.

I have principles and ideals, I am not a vulgar ambitious, I did not fight for a position, I fought for a transformation and I will never, ever betray the people, I will not fail them, ”he said.

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