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‘I’ve never had such a loud president,’ says Kemchs de AMLO

With white and even cruel jokes, Kemchs initially “entered” the special coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic; However, realizing the seriousness of the disease and the mismanagement that the authorities gave to attend to the health emergency, now he focuses his work on contributing and sensitizing people so that they do not lower their guard, so that they use the mask, maintain constant hand washing and healthy distance.

In his book “COVID-19 From humor to reflection”, the monero Kemchs makes a compilation of the cartoons that he has published, but also of those that, in some way or another, he saves to expose them digitally (for now) with those interested in graphic criticism.

In an interview, he talks about his experience in the 40 years that he has been practicing this profession. He refers that he had never seen a President attacked so much, although he clarifies that this is due to the current media reach, since there are more media and social networks play an important role, but: “I had never had such a loud president “, when questioned about the role played by Andrés Manuel López Obrador in morning conferences, by pointing out those who criticize him.

How do you decide to start this path of awareness with your cards?

“I remember when all this started [la pandemia]I started to handle a lot of humor, because there was a lot of humor at the beginning, but time passed and we began to realize the seriousness of the matter, and that’s when we took a different path. We saw that caricature could be used, that communicators had a commitment to society to open their eyes and tell them that things were serious.

Now our job, our purpose as communicators is to use our space and talent in a guided way for people, so that we participate with what we know: make cartoons. That was a little bit the way that gave life to this book, to start with a few, I tell you occurrences, until the last pages only talk about “take care, the healthy distance, use the mask”. He criticizes the governments that handled this situation badly, so our work took a different turn.

How many cartons do you include in this book?

—Since the pandemic began, I collected 175 cards, I began to rescue those that had to do with an official or any situation at that time, in politics, I discarded them and I was left with about 120; then I made a selection where I put the ones that I liked the most. They are around 100.

Did you have problems with the government because of the way you were viewing this or another problem?

-No. I have had the opportunity to live with all the presidents since López Portillo. Politicians were even cynical, because on many occasions they collected cartoons; More than being offended, upset, on many occasions they collected them, whether they spoke well or badly. Today we can say that Andrés Manuel [López Obrador] He is the most drawn president, because we are more caricaturists, there are more media, through social networks.

As president of the cartoonists I learned from many cases that in the province the censorship situation is very strong and problems that governors had with cartoonists from their states. Here [en la Ciudad] I do not remember anything, I have never had any problem of that nature.

The remarks that the President makes about the image he has in the media in the morning, do you think that is the correct way to express it or to do it in a conference of this type?

—No, of course I am from the group of journalists who are against the use of the medium, which could be one of the most important or the most important platform in this country, to be saying that this or that journalist ‘ he said, he insulted me and he’s cheating on me, ‘and it’s not true.

I have never had a president who screamed so much about it, never, never, I laugh when I see him. What did he want? If he is working badly, we congratulate him? He brings up that personal problem a lot, I don’t know why he wants everything to be praised for him, why he thinks he is a perfect being, that he is a perfect politician, but he is not.