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Legalizing marijuana will not combat organized crime: deputy from Yucatán

Contrary to what is thought, the new Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis will not allow fighting organized crime or the use of drugs as argued, considered the PAN deputy and president of the Health Commission of the Yucatan Congress, the PAN Manuel Diaz Suárez. In fact, he regretted that this “legalization” of the use of marijuana was approved, without “the issue being widely publicized.”

As reported, the Senate of the Republic approved last Thursday the legalization of marijuana for recreational, scientific, medical and industrial uses. However, there were officials who opposed this initiative since its discussion in various forums. The PAN deputy, Manuel Díaz Suárez, assured that “it is something that should have been discussed much more and taken the point of view of more people, especially the medical community,” he explained.

Despite the fact that one of the main arguments of those who promoted this initiative was to fight organized crime and contribute to its medicinal use, the doctor and local deputy emanating from National Action, considered that it is false that marijuana is the only cure for certain ailments.

“The argument that legalizing marijuana is going to be one of the solutions to combat organized crime, in this case drug trafficking, is not a valid argument because I believe that what drug trafficking is least interested in today is trafficking marijuana, there are other types of drugs that are their main business and other types of activities carried out by organized crime, not precisely marijuana, “he said.

The legislator stressed that “in the end there is a much broader commercial interest than one might think to generate an economy for citizens and capture more taxes.” He argued that the arguments about recreational and medicinal use are erroneous and that the reality of their approval can have various consequences. “It is false that marijuana is the only cure for certain conditions,” he said. He agreed that in some cases as has been said that the medicinal use of marijuana works, but it is by no means a generalized issue, he concluded.