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Line 4 of the Metrobús will share a lane with Mexibús


For the first time, a line of Mexico City Metrobús will share lanes and a station with a Mexibús line Mexiquense, in a concept of metropolitan mobility.

The project of the extension of Line 4 from Metrobús to Pantitlan It contemplates the use of the confined lane and a Mexibús Line 3 station in the territory of Nezahualcóyotl, informed Andrés Lajous, head of the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City.

The expansion of the Metrobús Line 4 going from San Lázaro to Pantitlán is a strategy to increase the influx of users on the route.

The project is in the preliminary phase as it will start induced works as the crossing of pipes of the Water System.

The project is effectively a project that is basically an express connection Pantitlán to San Lázaro and then to the Hidalgo Metro. But it is contemplated that at the end of the journey, in Pantitlán, it does not stop exclusively in Pantitlán, but rather continues on the existing Mexibús lane.

It turns in a u, after the first station of the Mexibús, in such a way that we have a transfer that can be made before Pantitlán, in the case of people coming from the State of Mexico. So, the project is designed, not only to give, let’s say, a connection, more and a better use of Line 4, in terms of influx, but also allows the connection to be made in a place outside of Pantitlán, which, as you know, is a place with a very important load of users already ”, he said.

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