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They locate human remains near the construction of a hotel in Quintana Roo

Bone remains of one or more people who were probably murdered were found this Saturday morning by elements of the National Guard on one side of the lot where the Planet Hollywood hotel is being built, in Isla Blanca, mainland of Isla Mujeres, a municipality with Cancun .

This Saturday, at 11 am, the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office reported the discovery of a skeleton and skeletal remains corresponding to a person on the Punta Sam highway, in Isla Blanca.

Elements of the Police arrived at the site, in the company of canine pairs of the National Guard. At 11:50 hours, elements of Expert Services arrived.

Officially, they were found and classified by blocks of “evidence”: a skull, a jaw and six bone remains; also two pieces of bone remains; other three pieces; 68 bones; another four pieces and 28 more bones, as well as boot-type shoes, fragments of clothing, wood, wire and cloth.

Unofficially, it is presumed that the site has been used as a clandestine cemetery, where the remains of at least eight people are found, which has not been confirmed by any authority.

The Attorney General of Quintana Roo reported tonight that Investigative Police assigned to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Homicide Investigation captured Ezequiel “R”, 37, originally from Tabasco, and Manuel “V”, 32 years old, a native of from Veracruz, probably involved with these events.

These two people are accused of the probable crime of homicide to the detriment of a victim who still remains unidentified.

The first investigations indicate that both could be implicated in other cases of homicide.

His capture, carried out this Friday, allowed the Investigation Police, supported by a brigade of the Canine Company of the National Guard, to locate the bone remains this Saturday, which were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service by specialized experts, to achieve their identification .

Prosecutors from the Public Ministry continue with the investigations that allow the clarification of the cases in which both detainees could be related.

In August of this year, relatives of at least 10 construction workers at the hotel – which will have 898 rooms and an investment of 1,496 million pesos – reported their disappearance and announced their search.

Among the people wanted from January to August, in that area are Carlos Alfredo de la Cruz Hernández, 28, who disappeared on July 3. Another victim has been identified as Ángel Jhoan de la Cruz; one more, a man identified as Raúl, who disappeared on August 4, and Jesús Moises Gómez Dzib, 22, who was last seen on January 10.

On August 3, 2019, three employees of a funeral services company who went to a beach club in Isla Blanca, disappeared, which motivated their relatives, located in Guadalajara, to travel to Cancun to begin an intense search, which concluded with the discovery of their bodies, near the place.

It was Juan Manuel González Verdín, 44 years old; Ari Fernando Chávez Manzano, 40, and Juan Luis Gómez Robles, 33, who had gone swimming at the beaches in the area.