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Trump calls for vote recount in Georgia

The counting will be done by scanners that read and tabulate the votes.


The campaign team of the President Donald Trump requested a vote count of the presidential election of the state from Georgia on Saturday night, the day after the state authorities will certify the results that showed that the Democrat Joe Biden there were won the entity, while the legal team of the President continue with their pleadings of a widespread fraud, but without presenting evidence.

The results from Georgia showed that Biden beat Trump by 12,670 votes of the 5 million issued, that is the 0.25%.

State law allows a candidate to request a recount only if the margin is less than 0.5%.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp made the state Electoral College’s 16-vote list official.

The Trump campaign personally delivered a letter to the state secretary’s office, requesting a recount in an election that has been plagued with unfounded allegations of fraud by Trump and his supporters.

Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for a recount in Georgia, ”read a statement from Trump’s legal team.

We are focused on ensuring that all aspects of Georgia State Law and the United States Constitution are met so that every legal vote is counted, ”he added.

On Friday, when certifying state votes for the Electoral College, Kemp also expressed concern about the signatures, but the state secretary of government, Republican Brad Raffensperger, has reiterated his confidence in the results. In an opinion piece published Saturday in The Washington Post said:

Georgia’s voting system has never been more secure or reliable. “

In fact, signatures on absentee ballot requests and envelopes should be checked when received.

The counting will be done by scanners that read and tabulate the votes.

County poll workers have already done a full manual recount of all votes cast in the presidential race, but that stemmed from a mandatory audit requirement and is not considered an official recount under the law.

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