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World’s deepest swimming pool inaugurated in Poland


The deepest pool in the world, 45.5 meters deep, aimed mainly at training divers but also tourism, was inaugurated this weekend near Warsaw.

Call Deepspot, includes replicas of underwater caves and Mayan ruins and it even has in its background a reproduction of the remains of a ship.

To fill it, 8,000 cubic meters of water are needed, that is, more than 20 times the volume of a pool 25 meters long.

Until now, the deepest pool in the world was 42 meters and was in Montegrotto Terme, in Italy.

But very soon, the Polish swimming pool will also lose its record as a 50 meter deep swimming pool, called Blue Abyss, will be inaugurated in the UK next year.

There are no fish or coral reefs but it is a good place to train and learn to dive safely, “said Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a diving instructor, present at the inauguration.

The director of the place informed that the pool also will be used by firefighters and the army during their training. In addition, it is planned to build a hotel, whose rooms will have views of the pool and its divers.

Building Deepspot has cost two years and 8.9 million euros ($ 10.6 million).