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Delivery of goods in Tabasco will not be completed in 2020

The president said that so far 100,000 pantries have been delivered to those affected. Photo: Cuartoscuro


Because of the size of the flood in Tabasco and Chiapas, It will not be possible to conclude with the delivery of furniture and appliances to the victims, said the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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At a press conference at the National Palace, he said that, after concluding the phase of disinfection of homes, and delivery of food support, will come the delivery of hundreds of thousands of items, which exceed any forecast that could have been made.

“There are thousands of stoves, refrigerators, beds, furniture, we will not be able to have all of them, as I would like, for this year, because there is not enough production for the number of electrical appliances, items that are going to be delivered to victims, “López Obrador acknowledged.

He said that his administration is in negotiations with entrepreneurs in the furniture and household appliances sector to accelerate their manufacture and supply to the affected areas.

The president reiterated that it will be the Army and Navy those who deliver furniture and household appliances directly to the affected population, and warned that those who are going to be candidates for popularly elected positions should not take advantage of this strategy.

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“It goes without saying that it is for the victims, because as there are also electoral processes, there are many opportunists who also want to gather support by raising lists to supposedly promote or get the support to the victims” (…) “nothing of candidates, neither of chickens nor of ducks “, sentenced.

The president said that so far 100,000 pantries have been delivered to those affected.

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